How It Works

As soon as you download MobileyMe, you will be able to operate your phone, take pictures, send messages, or even wipe the information from it completely if necessary. Simply go to any other available phone, tablet or computer and have access to important functions from within your phone. That way you can seamlessly make calls and operate your phone without it being present. The MobileyMe App allows users to access their own stored information from almost any accessible mobile phone and Internet connected device – without any effect to the other mobile phone, tablet or computer!


This App Comes Loaded with Valuable Functions:

  • External control over your phone from another device.
  • VoIP Network which gives you the ability to make calls through the Internet.
  • Remotely access and operate other apps and functions on the phone.
  • If you have lost, stolen or damaged your phone you can remotely lock or delete it.
  • Comes with 10 GB of complimentary data storage.
  • A free VPN Blocker which blocks your locations from your IP address.
  • MobileyMe servers are located in Canada with secure data laws.
  • There are many other features and benefits included.

Access Vital Elements of Your Phone Remotely

When you are connected to the secure MobileyMe Cloud Network, you’ll be able to remotely access your phone’s Internet browsing, email, contacts, location services, camera, microphone and more. In the case of a stolen or lost phone, you’ll be able to remotely lock or even wipe your phone. You can take a picture of the person that has your phone or send them a message with instructions. Finally, you can remotely get into your settings, which is what truly controls your phone.


Call from Other Devices with Your Caller ID Displayed

You can intentionally or accidentally leave your phone at home, then download MobileyMe on a different device, and make calls as if you are using your own mobile phone. Even your actual phone number will show up. You can operate your texting and your video calling through VoIP as if you are on your own phone. You’re taking the most important attributes of your mobile phone and putting them on the cloud so that they will always be accessible.

The MobileyMe App doesn’t just enable you to control your phone remotely. It also allows you to store your phone information – pictures, videos, contacts, Apps. MobileyMe is always running in the background of your device which means you are connected to your very own secure and private communications network. This is a breakthrough in mobile application technology that will forever change the way we use our devices.